We offer leasing companies, car dealers and companies with their own fleet the opportunity to completely unburden themselves in the field of charging solutions and all other related products and services.

The sale

Your customer buys or leases an electric or plug-in hybrid car
and asks about the charging solutions. What are you doing now?
You refer him to a specialist, Artecco.


We are happy to help your customers with all their questions about charging stations, charging cables, charging cards, plugs and so on.


We do this quickly and according to the agreed procedure. In this way, the customer receives the service he requires from you.

Choise and installation

After contacting the customer, we make an appointment with him / her and hand over a quote with the most appropriate solution.


If an agreement follows, we take care of the complete installation and commissioning. From now on, your customer can safely and quickly charge his electric or hybrid plug-in car.

Contact point

After the sale and installation, we provide feedback to you, our partner, so that you know that your customer can charge his car without any problems and safely.


From this moment on we are therefore the point of contact for your customer in the field of the charging solution. If there is a problem or malfunction, we will solve it for you.

How do you become a partner?


Would you like to become a partner or would you like more information about this? Do not hesitate to contact us.